Natural tendency towards cheese before the age of social media by Marianna Auster


This morning a FB buddy posted a photo of the 1980 Moscow Olympiads human pyramid -  no, rather a human champagne glass , a fountain? Sportsmen in white tight fitting shorts and women in equally dabbed swimsuits proudly held their position with an artistic ease.  Likes accumulated.  WOWs and angry emojis popped up, followed by trolling remarks "a měli jen trenýrky a víru v lepší zítřky." Next, I went to Youtube to see the closing ceremony.

A pixie history by Marianna Auster

It is with some hesitation, if only because of the sheer typicality of it, that I make my first post about my new furry friend Pixie. I don't intend to make this a habit, though don't hold me up to it if I do revisit Pixie with some photo collections and stories. Especially given the fact I have not blogged in more than 10 years, the most suitable and natural topic inevitably seems to be about cats.

When most people hear the name Pixie, they  immediately think of either Tinkerbell or Harry Potter. As is well known, Pixies are mythological little people of Celtic origin who mischievously play pranks on humans, though benevolent they are. Considering the playfulness and naughtiness of catlings, and additionally the fact I found her in the neighborhood bushes the name is quite deserving.  Now I must admit, this is the damn most affectionate cat I've ever had the pleasure of living with. I suppose it is a mixture of personality, gratitude for taking her in and the freedom and harshness of the urban outdoors. As a truly humble human, I take no humility in bowing to her acceptance of me. She is able to sleep on my cheek, chill with me on my shoulder , shadow me around the house and fetch me her favorite toy. She must have been a dog in her past life. This is why I think she will take kindly to becoming an adventure cat I have a cat backpack ready for city walks, which she has adapted to fairly easily and a harness for leash training. Apparently, it's important to know your cat's personality before attempting this and if it matches, which Pixie demonstrates she does, the results of training a kitten to walk on a leash can be quite rewarding. I have already been met with a few doubtful comments from friends who claim it is unnatural and wrong. While, I may see their point, the question is what is natural  - is cat food natural, are comfortable beds natural, are litter boxes natural, is a computer for humans natural ? Isn't natural a bit too overused anyway - many animals are creatures of habit, and once the fear is derailed, the pleasures of a new experience can only be rewarding with enough trial and patience.